WCCP runs a three week daycamp summer program in July Monday to Friday from 10-3 PM.  This program is for children aged 8-12 who attended our program regularily throughout the school year.  Educational and physical activities as well as swimming and field trips are some of the activities.  Breakfast and Lunch are provided.  Cost is $2.00 per child.

Junior Volunteer Program 

WCCP offers the opportunity to youth aged 13 to 17 to volunteer at our program at the various schools and gain leadership skills and experience working with children.  Some students use this opportunity towards credit for their Highschool or as a way to remain connected to the Afterschool Program after grade 6.  Some youth then move on to Part-time employment with WCCP when they turn 18.


The West Central Community Program (WCCP) inspires children through quality recreational opportunities.
At the After School Program we have:

  • Staff led low-organized gym games, like Dodgeball
  • Sport skills programs, like Basketball, or Floor Hockey
  • Outdoor Play
  • Craft...Board Games, and much more.


Rotary Leadership Circle

WCCP offers a program for 6 weeks in the Summer beginning in July.  This program is for 10 children ages 10-12 who have attended our program regularily throughtout the school year.  This program is led by one Staff and the children work on their own, in pairs or in small or large groups to complete community service projects within the West Central Community.  At the completion of the required 60 hours of community service, the children earn a stipend.   They are  then taken shopping by the WCCP Staff.